Two New Videos: Catholicism & Protestantism, and What Does it Take To Be a Saint?

Manotti and I have enjoyed making videos so here are two new installments.

Catholicism and Protestantism.  Mostly Protestantism

In this first video I ask Manotti to comment on what he sees as some important differences between Catholics and Protestants beyond the usual responses to that: the “solas”.  What ensues in a fairly heavy conversation that introduces Kierkegaard, Karl Barth, negative theology, and more.  Manotti is from the Protestant tradition so he enlightened me to a few things I hadn’t known or really thought about.


What does it take to be a saint these days?

In this much shorter clip, Manotti draws on a question a friend asked him: How can one become a saint in these troubled times?  The question is delivered to me, so I do my best to answer.  I rely heavily on Boethius and Bishop Robert Barron.  OK, let’s call a spade a spade: I totally rip off Barron.  But in my defense, I think he’s right.

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